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Emerging Professionals

Welcome to the ASID emerging professionals page.
As a graduate, you have taken the first major step in securing your future as an interior designer. This page and the attached resources are dedicated to providing key information, updates and articles that will become the stepping stones for your professional growth. We hope that your continued connection with ASID will help you forge a network of professionals, future employers, and Industry Partners that will be rewarding and beneficial for the future.

ASID Allied Membership

Allied Membership is available to Emerging Professionals who have completed 40 semester or 60 quarter credit hours in interior design education from an accredited institution (university, college or technical school). Continuing education coursework/hours do not count toward meeting the education requirement for membership.

There are two ways to attain allied membership—student advancement or applying new. ASID student members may advance to allied membership upon graduation. Advancing is easy and comes with significant savings as an incentive for continuing membership with ASID. Student members have a window of six months from their graduation date to advance to allied membership. Emerging professionals without student membership can apply for allied membership as a new member. Both advancing students and new allied member applicants must submit their official college transcripts verifying course completion and credit hours obtained.

Dues and Fees

  Student Advancement New Allied Practitioner*
YEAR 1 $ 75.00 $ 285.00
YEAR 2 $ 90.00 $ 285.00
YEAR 3 $ 155.00 $ 320.00
YEAR 4 $ 255.00 $ 370.00
YEAR 5 $ 355.00 $ 425.00
YEAR 6 $ 425.00  
*Applications for new Allied memberships must be submitted with the $100 non-refundable application fee

Mapping Your Future: An Interactive Guide for Emerging Professionals

As a designer in the early stages of your career, we urge you to access ASID along the way and use your membership resources to assist you on your path to professionalism. As a tool developed exclusively for ASID Allied Members, this interactive digital guide is designed to help you to map your future as a professional interior designer. It is organized into the following six sections:

Allied Member Benefits
A listing of benefits, services and programs available to you

Work Experience and Resources
Starting work and gaining the experience you need

Professional Development
Continued opportunities for you to grow

The NCIDQ exam, your next step to professional level membership

ASID — Your Information Center
How to get questions answered and update your membership information online

Ticket to Advancement
Enjoy these complimentary and discounted ASID services and programs as a new allied member

Click here to download "Mapping Your Future: An Interactive Guide for Emerging Professionals"

Finding Employment Through ASID Connex!

Ashley Fruits, Allied Member ASID, wasn't sure what to expect when attending the ASID Connex launch party in April, 2008. Upon logging on and cyber-chatting with ASID members nationwide, the site led her to Kate Yurgelun, Allied Member ASID, an emerging professional who has been employed at Case Design in Bethesda, MD for three years. Through this online connection, Ashley learned that the firm was looking for fresh talent and within weeks was flying out for an interview! Learn more about how continued membership with ASID can help jumpstart your design career in a video interview with Ashley and Kate.

Emerging Professional Guest Blogger Series

ASID is proud to have the most talented and driven new designers as allied members. The Emerging Professional Guest Blogger Series has been developed for some of these members to share with you their success stories, life lessons and advice on being a key player in the interior design industry. Each guest blogger will give you a unique glimpse into their personal lives and career endeavors. Learning from your peers in this capacity will show you that your goals are attainable and that your ASID network can provide you with tools on how to fast-track reaching these goals. The first blog is complimentary, but all following volumes may only be accessed by active ASID members. Enjoy!

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