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Legislation & Advocacy

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform will have far reaching implications for the entire country. ASID created an evaluation which highlights the items most likely to affect ASID members.

Health Care Reform for ASID Members

Victory in Virginia

Interior design professionals claimed a legislative victory this week in Virginia. Both houses of the state legislature have passed House Bill 1265, shattering the glass ceiling that previously prevented designers from sitting on the board of directors at their firm. This bill opens new doors for designers in Virginia and recognizes interior design as a separate and distinct profession on equal footing with architects, engineers, and other design professionals. Certified interior designers will now be able to contribute even more to the growth of the industry through their individual firms.

The bill is currently awaiting the signature of Governor McDonnell.

ASID offers our congratulations to all interior designers in Virginia on this victory.

OFFICE INSIGHT ARTICLE: "Interior Design: Victorious in Florida"

ASID praised as "man in the arena"

An industry publication, Office Insight, recently applauded the Florida court decision in the article titled "Interior Design: Victorious in Florida". The court ruling was handed down in early February upholding the interior design practice act. Brad Powell, author of the mentioned article, has credited ASID for its legislative efforts. "ASID has kept its mind open and, fighting the slings and arrows of sometimes outrageous fortune and accusations, has emerged the victor and deserves the gratitude of the profession as a whole."

To read the article in its entirety, click here.


Of all the opportunities now facing interior design professionals, the movement to secure interior designers' right to practice is among the most significant. ASID is the interior design profession's leader for the advocacy of interior design right-to-practice issues, building codes, public health, safety and welfare concerns, and other governmental issues relevant to the interior design profession. ASID has a full-time government and public affairs staff that includes three lobbyists registered with the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. ASID staff works with a board-appointed volunteer council - the ASID Legislative and Codes Advisory Council - to forward the Society's legislative and codes objectives.

If you have questions about legislation, building codes or ethics issues, contact the ASID Government and Public Affairs department at or call (202) 546-3480.

Florida State Legislation

On February 4, 2010 Judge Robert Hinkle, US District Court for the Northern District of Florida released a court decision affecting interior design in the case Locke v. Shore. In summary, the Florida interior design statute was upheld and found constitutional, while the current restriction on the title ‘interior designer’ was found unconstitutional. This will now allow for anyone in the state of Florida to call themselves an interior designer.



More opportunities. More choice. More consumer awareness.

Why is there a need for interior design legislation?
The interior design industry has grown considerably and so have the services interiordesigners provide. Most existing laws affecting the built environment are decades oldand do not reflect today's interior design profession. As with any growing profession,there has been a movement toward legal, state recognition to ensure that the public hasaccess to and is aware of the design services available to them.

Click here to read the full document on Interior Design Legislation.

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