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Selecting a Designer

When you're ready to select a designer to work with on your project, the number of individuals and firms to choose from can be daunting. How do you know if you’ve chosen a professional designer?  In general, you want a designer with the following characteristics:

  • Is accredited as an interior designer  (If required in your state, be sure the designer is licensed.) 
  • Has experience in the type of project you are doing
  • Has demonstrated creativity, talent and resourcefulness
  • Is attentive, responsive and communicates well
  • Has a record of reliability and good work habits.

One way to ensure you are working with a professional interior designer is if he or she is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  ASID member designers must meet the profession’s education and experience requirements, as well as adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct.  The ASID appellation after a designer’s name indicates that he or she is an accredited designer who has passed rigorous professional scrutiny and testing.

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